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the fogmaster flatbed returns after its first run the fogmaster salutes the playa was that "fashion camp" or "hot chicks" camp? woo mama! the fogmaster and assistant in their evening wear eric, karen, and aimee on the back of the flatbed on the way to the mermen show
brick downs some vino and dominique blinks the fogmaster flatbed arrives at center camp fogmaster at the helm: a reassuring expression on his face the mermen weird guy who can climb through balloons
more mermen! eric and eli get up (and down) on the dance stage steph, karen and jila make a train in the crowd (doug and skipper in the back) jim during "honey bomb" with old-geek mykle dancing in front i have no clue what the hell brick was thinking. dominique seems to be used to it, though
grok camp, cleaned up and preparing to leave the view south before leaving tuesday
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