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click photo to view full size image - all images were taken with the kodak dc-120
those with accompanying audio will have links to listen.
see also photos by: jD, kart, lettuce

karen setting up her tensegrity structure dan proudly oversees the 3 elswhere tensegrity structures he designed being tammy with the birds from her and todd's garden art piece more birds!
audio: [wav or ra]
todd holding one of the strobing jalapenos from his portion of the art garden
audio: [wav or ra]
shadows of tammy and her birds
audio: [wav or ra]
heidi relaxes in the tensegrity shade camp elsewhere!
sheila stays warm
audio: [wav or ra]
jd, eric, jila, and karen before the man burns ...
audio: [wav or ra]
jillian and damon, the most fashionable in sync people on the playa! steph with the grok flag
karen communication with aliens? ok, she's actually just testing these damn things
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tammy and todd jila trying to pick up on heidi
heidi 'n jila heidi and patrick
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the playa as dusk approaches before the man burns more playa at dusk
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