jon's europe trip

this a work in progress about my trip through europe.

from may 26th through june 16th, i escaped the day-to-day rigors of dealing with three jobs and four bands and ran off to europe. my folks were renting a renovated farmhouse in the farmland of italy for two weeks and my brother and his wife were also taking a couple weeks to travel. since the plan was just to meet up for at least a few days, i had an entirely unplanned time to spend, leaving me free to decide where to go on a day by day basis.

i've worked up a graphical method of following my path around, using an imagemapped image. you can click on cities, or even the lines which connect cities. there's also a boring text-based way to browse also.

caution! this is very much still a work in progress. check back every few days to see new additions.

until i incorporate some of my photos from the trip into this section, you can try and take a look here.

jon r. luini / europe trip