The Mutton Birds

Update: the band has their own website at last!

1. the heater (4.22) 8. salty my dear (1.22)
2. Ngaire (3.52) 9. there's a limit (4.13)
3. you will return (4.32) 10. esther (2.48)
4. wellington (3.07) 11. no telling when (5.28)
5. in my room (4.35) 12. anchor me (4.27)
6. when the wind comes round (5.09) 13. too close to the sun (5.31)
7. queen's english (7.07) 14. don't fight it, marsha, it's bigger than both of us (4.38)

[The Muton Birds]

Audio Excerpts

Anchor Me
Full Song (4:26) 45 Second Excerpt
Stereo MPEG (6.4MB) Mono MPEG (3.2MB) MPEG (540k) AU (360k)
Full Song (4:23) 45 Second Excerpt
Stereo MPEG (6.3MB) Mono MPEG (3.1MB) MPEG (540k) AU (360k)

C this page was created after chatting to the band after a show in toronto at canadian music week '95 (cmw). the mutton birds have yet to receive u.s. distribution which is a real shame considering the quality of their work, so hopefully this will help spread some awareness and let people contact emi canada and let them know that they should be supported in the u.s. also! if you enjoyed this page, please feel free to drop me a comment.

Update 7/20/97: Contact info has been updated to reflect their 1996 relocation to London. Also, a lineup change of Chris Sheenan replacing David Long on guitar has also occurred. Their latest album is "Envy Of Angels" and appears to, once again, not be available in the US yet, but is well worth purchasing if you can find it!

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Harwell House
14 Western Road
London N2 9HX
Ph: 0181 444 2023
Fax: 0181 444 3394 Assistant Manager: Susan Glasgow
D Don McGlashan-guitars, voice, euphonium, melodica | Ross Burge-drums, autoharp | Alan Gregg-bass, voice, keyboards | David Long-guitars, boice, keyboard, banjo

r e l a t e d - l i n k s

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