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a few select sounds for ya with different projects.

if you'd like to know when i've got new things (tunes, gigs, etc),
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w/ other bands
some fine folks who've invited me to play some great music with them
sarah jane
album "Real" on Spotify
i can't get (video)
suburbia california (w/ giith intro) (video)

emmett peixoto (web)
many tunes in player on MYSPACE

ramona the pest (web)

dandeline (web)
day of the lie (soundcloud)
dalva (mp3 live improv)

the walkers

lucy (mp3)

quick one-offs
tunes i wrote (or improv'd) & recorded w/ musician friends in an hour to a day (& mixed even quicker)
sheila's b-day band

jon & brick
all in all (mp3)

jon & steve schneider

jsg jam (mp3)

unformed ideas

fezguys & friends (web)
improv jams & silly snippets for the column
grok jam #1 (ra)
jake the dyslexic, bombastic squirrel (ra)
mulaw (mp3)
fly me to the moon (ra)

my bands
my bands, present and past
frequency (web)
listen on soundcloud

the arcadists (web)
listen to album on spotify

stellavision (web)

oren & the hiccups (web)

mudkats (web)
charlie james (mp3)
big muddy (mp3)

deth specula (web)

nereid cluster

eden retread (web)
rise (mp3)

all songs © the appropriate year by the appropriate band or jon r. luini