sophie's 1st bday party!
jul 23 '00

sophie looks a bit less than excited about her first cupcake so far... now she looks a bit more awake but seems more concerned about something on the other side of the room to quote black sabbath: "what is this that stands before me???"
now the action starts heating up.. see her hand in motion! "... and the cupcake loomed before her, nearly larger than her head... yet she was not afraid!" having affected the structural integrity of the first cupcake, sophie now attacks the protective foil covering of the second...
sophie shows raises her hand to the judges showing her mastery of the second cupcake. no, really-- it's just like with roping calves! let's get back to stress testing these cupcakes. this one seems to take a lot of pressure without much noticable breakdown. and now, let's take a moment for sophie's impersonation of her dad, complete with chocolate for facial hair
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