noman 2002
a playa-potty field study

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i was duped by tapeworm into assisting in compiling this field study of the famed playa-pottys in the wild at noman, 2002. as you may know, they are known to migrate across the playa twice annually; once at the start of july and again at the end of august.

i can assure you that we took an approach of absolute non-interference and they were not disturbed (mentally or physically) in any way whatsoever. initial plans to tag them with GPS transmitters were abandoned as it was suspected it would interfere in their natural migratory patterns (not to mention be a particularly smelly endeavor). we hope that you enjoy this quick glimpse into the wide varieties that can be seen in the wild. speaking of wild, should you ever come across an unfamiliar playa potty, we strongly recommend you veer wildly away and avoid any human contact. they can be dangerous when provoked.

Note: If you recognize any distinguishing characteristics, please feel free to drop us a line.

Scientific Names: FETEOARCHA (bad-smell coffin)
Class: Canistruma (small basket)

cylindrus ceruleos
(blue cylinder)
solosolium candeornatus
(glowing decorated solitary throne)
cylindrus insumptuosus
(inexpensive cylinder)
cylindrus tabulargentum
(silver painted cylinder)
solosolium luxialtus
(tall light)
cylindrus insumptuosus
(inexpensive cylinder)
latrina turrispondus
(toilet heavy tower)
here you can see a small group gathered together, perhaps for additional security from any natural enemies. solosolium papyrophora
cylindrus amplusforum
(large store cylinder)
cylindrus amplusforum
(large store cylinder)
pseudogalvinus ceruloculmen
(false galvinized bluetop)
solosolium piscipictum
(fish pictures)
tetrahedra palatius
(four-pointed palace)
cylindrus eternapurgo
(ever clean cylinder)
clandestinus infraterra
(secret underground)
solosolium aquaproxima
(solitary throne with water nearby)

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