sophie's 1st bday party!
jul 23 '00

the best thing about the first few birthday parties is that it's not too difficult to get a present bigger than you are. sophie attacks sheila and my gift eagerly, ignoring aaron's attempts to lure her away with that can of tecate! although sophie still looks enamored with this toy, in truth she is about to continue a recent streak of being brought to tears by something i'm involved with
a moment later it's all grins as she examines this bow which was stuck to the back of her head just a moment ago ooh! an *action* photo! lookit her go! a handstand (assisted)-- tada!
that's nothing... check out this yoga pose! saving blue from the green plush car... a glimpse into sophie's potential to become a rampaging giant monster, likely to do battle with godzilla and mothra after finishing off this bee
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