8/29 Car Flip

sheila and i were on our regular walk when a fellow drives by us, says hello and continues. a few minutes later he comes back walking the other direction. odd, we think. in that certain mode that is so often after traumatic experiences, he says in a combination of complete casualness and contained adrenaline rush "i just flipped the car". we think he's kidding, then he says it again and we realize he isn't. we make sure he's ok and head around the corner and see the results of his flip. i hung out to make sure no one zipped around the corner unknowingly while he went back to get some assistance. i took some photos and left when the mini tractor * had showed up that they were going to use to pull it out of the narrow area where they might be able to flip it back over.

two of the pics (P0004005 and P0004006) have closeups of the two obvious areas the car had contact with each opposing side of the rock wall. best initial guess is that he hit some gravel, fish tailed a little and then went up the left side of the wall with enough force to do a quick complete flip. other than perhaps a bit of pride, he was uninjured.

the license plate and a coffee glass were scattered out the passenger door and a couple of maps were out the driver's side door. other than that, everything was contained in the car.

P0004012 and P0004013 are long exposure shots (~16 seconds) i couldn't resist trying out with the hazards blinking.

Click on the thumbnails in the frame below to view larger versions of each photo.

* geoff informs me it is not a mini tractor, but in fact a "mighty pile of diesel-driven fury" :}