random thought/poetry from 1988

deep into the depths of my subconscious,
lie secrets,
horrifying nightmares,
kept inside to protect the fragile layer of sanity
which pervades my mind..

////////////////// //////////////////
alone at the seaside,
staring out at the setting sun,
a tumbleweed blows bye,
as out of place as i?

it is caught by the tide,
swirling, fighting, until it is caught
and dragged deep into the cold depths
by the aquatic jury

i sit, and bury my cold toes
deep into the sand.
my head falls between my knees
and i cry

for me,
for the sea.
for the friends who are
so good to me.
for the fowl above
who protect their young
only to become an endangered species
there is no way out
from the tattered vision
the scarred remnants of a childhood dream
left in ashes at your feet
with you holding the match

the moon used to be mine, now i am its.
the daylight hours claim my waking hours, but still
the light fails to reach me.

on full moons i am truly free.


the moon brings out the madness from the soul
and into the night they go
the mad, the sad, the angry,
all alone...

_park_ 4:03am sun mar 11 1990 jon r. luini
thirteen figures in the park
solemnly swearing they'll never part
a flash of light, a decade gone
and still together, not a one

fifteen candles, burning bright
their light seeks the soul, to ignite
and burn it deep, sear it with pain
so that one may breathe, and live again
seven horseshoes, rusted with age
a silver coin, held by a mage
around the nail, the horseshoes fall
and into the sea, the mage doth call

a long-haired freak, a diplomat
an artist's hand caresses the cat
one is one and two is two
but that wont make one think it through
and so it goes through time and tide
awash with pleasure pain and pride
but when its done all that remains
is a ageold parchment lay'n unclaimed
made it through, eh? well, i guess you deserve to go back up