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pre-playa steph eric, blurry but funny pre-playa brick and dominique allen speaking in auburn allen smiling in auburn
we arrive at the playa steph enjoys the dashboard couch fogmeistro jason grok camp not only shares water, but food too and booze!
belly-art! another fun playa game: tug-a-carrie's-arm! steph's hair transformation aaron prepares for his part in eric's mini-drama aimee's part as "ktla girl"
dominique's part- another doctor on duty brick's part... um..... the puppet! the puppet! AIEEE! grok becomes fashion camp! fogmaster and beautiful assistant prepare for the pre-burn performance
michel survives 300mph winds and still can pack an rv! dominique engages in the playa game "scrape 6 inches of mud from your shoes" what in the hell is this thing?!?! oh. it's allen's part in eric's play. grok camp checks out the incoming sand storm jason and aimee assemble a kite (which took a lot of effort and didn't work all that well)
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