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what the??
if for some reason you managed to get to this page without seeing IUMA, you should do so and get a glimpse of the future of the music industry. yeah yeah, it sounds trite, and at this point even a bit dated, but who's got time to update silly catch phrases when the WORLD IS CHANGING UNDER THEIR NOSES?

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bands you should listen to The Mutton Birds and Colin Hay
gratuitous ego trip oh, joy! from here you can hop to the exciting location of the super-out-of-date first home page i did (currently in renovation).
"mister worldly, eh?" here's a work in progress about my recent trip through europe.
holier-than-thou i'm a universal life church minister!
old linkage WWW mailing list archives
music listings an html version of the list
mr. nice-guy check out the web page i'm helping KSCU, a non-commercial radio station at santa clara university, set up
band plug #1 the mudkats
band plug #2 deth specula
band plug #3 eden retread
band plug #4 nereid cluster

jon r. luini