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[jon plays zee bass]
looking like abe lincoln
falcon's nest
realaudio: jon and allen latenight fun at ATN
writing music
boring old stuff circa '88

writings in addicted to noise:
the burning man
musicwest '95 (canada)
making waves '95 (california)
paleo music festival (switzerland)
fishbone/sonic youth in trulio disgracias
soul coughing live
juliana hatfield live
pearl jam live
my bands
the mudkats
deth specula
eden retread
nereid cluster

local bands i dig
ugly mugs

ego zone
misc gunk

short-haired ego boy
yes, i was picked by newsweek as top 50 people to watch in cyberspace
also one of the top 100 multimedia producers by av video and multimedia producer magazine
you might have seen me in a tv pieces on iuma (mtv, cnn, discovery, etc)
sgi: iuma - a success story
sgi: iuma - The Dynamics of Digital Distribution (originally at
interview: techtalk from internet expo (~3:02:00)
the "mystery users of" article from santa cruz sentinal
various articles on the sc geek scene
a photog friend robert altman has included me in some stuff: 95/10/21, 95/12/20, 96/05/07
PacBell talks to us about MediaCast
Quoted in a TimeCast story

i'm a universal life church minister and yes i have married someone
the years
1987-in elfland, 1987-playing lazer-tag, 1988-mind zoo band photo, 1990?-beach party, 1990-w/ raine, 1990-mojo band band photo, 1990-beach party, 1990-nereid cluster at beach, 1992-new orlean's w/ riverboat, 1992-new orlean's @ cemetary, 1992- in the woods, 1993?-eden retread band shot, in florence, deth specula photo, w/ brother '94, blasted on nye '94, deth specula live '95, the road to realization, 1995-with uk friends in switzerland
cmj music seminar (new york, '95)
musicwest (toronto, canada '95)
internet world, intl. (london, '95)
naras music & multimedia (sf, '95)
internet expo / email & web world (san jose '96)
f music festival (los angeles, '96)
effenaar music (eindhoven, holland '96)

current work

who and how entertainment, inc.
(co-president, technology)

(co-founder, ceo)

past work

addicted to noise
(executive vice-president
& technical director)


evolve consulting
web design, scripting, etc

hal computer systems
(senior systems administrator)

(senior systems administrator)

other sites o' mine

the mermen
the santa cruz geek scene
the mutton birds
colin hay
my trip through europe

thelist bay area music events calendar

other stuff which i haven't placed yet

gorn (free open access unix system since '88)
COAC co-founder
my old IUMA home page

rebecca's home page & kevin's home page
(because they kept me up in icb while i updated this)

falcon's nest klinzhai